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Web-Based Event Reporting Project

The Wisconsin Office of Rural Health, in partnership with the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC), provides an opportunity for Critical Access Hospitals in Wisconsin to adopt and implement web-based event reporting. Utilization of a web-based reporting system has proven to increase reporting and completion of timely investigation. Through this project hospitals have gained a better understanding of systems issues related to patient safety.
Hospitals subscribe to the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal, supported by The Clarity Group, Inc. and participate in building locations and user access lists prior to implementation. Project leads from each hospital actively participate in bi-monthly virtual meetings and periodic webinars. Hospitals also agree to share data (free from PHI with respect to HIPAA requirements) with RWHC and the group to the extent that the data-sharing identifies opportunities to improve both the hospital’s utilization of the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal, and patient safety.
In addition to implementing the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal, participating hospitals are required to administer the AHRQ’s Perception of Patient Safety Survey to their hospital staff during the year, if they have not done so within the past two years. The survey results serve as a baseline from which improvements, as a result of implementation of the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal can be measured.
For additional information, contact Kathryn Miller, Wisconsin Office of Rural Health.

Kathryn Miller
Staff Contact:

Kathryn Miller
Rural Hospitals and Clinics Program Manager
(608) 261-1891

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