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What is "Rural"?

Depends on who you ask.

There are many rural-urban classification schemes, each with their own purpose and way of defining “rural”.

The resources below explain the differences and describe things to consider when selecting a definition.


Defining Rural for Wisconsin

A discussion of how different definitions are used for different decisions.

Putting Rural Wisconsin on the Map

A WisCONTEXT article describing how defining rural can help us better understand rural-urban differences.

Wisconsin Divided Ten Ways

A Review of Rural-Urban Classification Systems – A report defining rural Wisconsin according to ten commonly-used classification systems.

Am I Rural?

The Rural Health Information Hub’s Am I Rural? tool can be used to determine whether a specific location is considered rural based on multiple definitions.

Municipal-level Urban-Rural Classification (MURC)

MURC was developed  by the Office of Rural Health to identify the level of rurality of each of Wisconsin’s 1,850 cities, towns, and villages.

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