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Rural Health Clinic Resources

  • CMS Rural Health Clinics Home Page – This site provides RHC updates on policy changes, rules and regulations, billing and reimbursement, enrollment/certification, and other information.
  • National Association of Rural Health Clinics – The National Association of Rural Health Clinics is RHCs’ national trade association. The website features regular updates on reimbursement, events, resources, funding/grant opportunities, policy changes, links to other valuable resources, and there is a member portal.
  • 3RNet – National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network – A network of rural stakeholder who support rural organizations in the recruitment and retention of physicians and other health professionals.
  • Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub) formerly Rural Assistance Center – The RHIhub is a national health and human services information portal. It includes tools, resources, research and other searchable information including grant opportunities.
  • RHC News Listserve – Operated by NARHC, the news listserve is a healthcare blog, where participants are appraised of news and where participants can pose rural health clinic questions. All participants can answer questions, so a NARHC administration monitors the site, assuring incorrect information is not being disseminated. To sign up contact
  • RHC Technical Assistance Calls Listserve – The Technical Assistance listserve is a training site operated by NARHC, where participants are notified of upcoming webinars such as, ICD-10, updates on the RHC Manual, and quality improvement. To sign up contact
  • Rural Health Clinic Technical Assistance Series – Approximately five calls are held each year to provide RHCs with information on operational and policy issues specific to RHCs. The series is conducted in coordination with NARHC and are recorded and made available on this website. Past series have featured: ICD-10, RHC manual updates, Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Grant Program, Civil Rights, Compliance Programs, and others.


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