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Flex funding recognizes the need to support EMS system development as integral to maintaining successful local health care facilities. However, the EMS infrastructure in many rural communities may be weak, with an extreme mix of care levels, equipment, and management sophistication. Challenged by low call volumes, great distances, disparity between the services delivered and the public’s expectations, the rural EMS system is still rooted in a volunteer tradition with many barriers and constraints in improving the level of care and response capacity. It is essential that rural EMS systems be integrated into a health care system that is cooperative, shares limited resources, provides a broad education to the EMS providers, and recognizes innovative methods of health care delivery. This section of the toolkit focuses on the unique issues affecting rural and critical access hospitals and information on developing sustainable integrated EMS systems.

Review of Critical Access Hospitals Emergency Medical Services Capabilities

Review Documents & Reports

Developing & Managing Hospital-Based EMS

Needs Assessment / Strategic Planning
Financial Management of EMS
Management Training

National Rural EMS Links

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