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In spite of recent progress with defining pre-hospital and trauma registry data elements, implementation of standardized information systems remains limited. Integrated information systems are the foundation for quality assurance and evaluation of EMS systems. Rural areas do not have the resources to develop and implement such systems without substantial outside support. This section of the toolkit will focus on data collection and analysis to help evaluate and improve quality of EMS and to improve the use of resources.

Quality Improvement Measures

Medical Care Review
CQI Programs
Patient Outcomes

Information Systems

Data Collection / Reporting / Software
Data Linkage / Report Submission
  • A Leadership Guide to Quality Improvement for Emergency Medical Services Systems: 09-2005
  • This “Leadership Guide to Quality Improvement for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems” was developed to serve as a template for EMS managers who want to establish and maintain a program for continuously monitoring and improving the quality of patient care and support services in all parts of the EMS system. It encourages EMS leaders to integrate continuous quality improvement practices as essential parts of normal EMS routines. Published July, 1997
  • American Trauma Society (ATS): 08-2005
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