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Outpatient Measures

The Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR) Program is a quality data reporting program for outpatient hospital services implemented by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS focuses on reporting measure data that have high impact and support national priorities for improved quality and efficiency of care for Medicare beneficiaries. For MBQIP, a rural-relevant subset of outpatient measures were selected for CAHs to voluntarily report. These measures will be retired after Q4 2023.

OP-2: Fibrinolytic Therapy Received within 30 minutes
OP-3: Median Time to Transfer to another Facility for Acute Coronary Intervention
OP-18: Median Time from ED Arrival to ED Departure for Discharged ED Patients
OP-22: Patient Left without Being Seen

Submitting Outpatient Measures

OP 2, 3, and 18 are reported to QualityNet via a vendor or the CMS Abstraction & Reporting Tool (CART)

OP-22 is reported to QualityNet via Secure Log In

Outpatient Quality Reporting Specifications Manuals

The quality reporting specifications manuals are uniform guidelines defining hospital inpatient and outpatient data to be collected and how data is to be reported. They contain the information necessary for abstractors to ensure data are standardized and comparable across hospitals. Because updates to the manuals are necessary overtime, find the data collection time period for which you are reporting and select the associated specifications manual.

Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting Specifications Manual

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