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We appreciate your support in keeping an eye out for grant opportunities for all the hospitals and forwarding them to us. Without that it’s difficult for me to search for them.

I was ready to leave [the community where I practice] and this program was a big part of my decision to stay. I will probably work there for the rest of my career.

These are some of the most useful and informative newsletters I have ever received. Thank you for highlighting the important news & resources available to rural health care providers.

Our dental program is really taking off, thanks to the community grant from WI-ORH. The expansion of hours has allowed us to see so many more low-income people in the area.

WI-ORH is always a great support and advocate for us.

Thank you for sending these [funding] opportunities out! As a result of me receiving your email, we applied for the grant for our TLC program [Total Lifestyle Care] and were fully funded at $8750.

I enjoy the Rural Reporter. It is one of the few [newsletters] I read from top to bottom.

I really like this new look [Rural Reporter highlights] – along with the usual good content.

Snazzy website and great look! It’s easier to see & find all the many ways you are engaged in rural health and the many resources you offer.

I wanted to thank you for your newsletter and twitter feed. It’s very helpful in staying up to date on rural health happenings and I use it often when putting our newsletter together. I rarely find a relevant article [online] that wasn’t [already] in your Twitter feed!

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