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“We really appreciate your time and efforts, you have been above and beyond all the other contacts we’ve had through this process!”

Thank you for all the leads. You’ve produced more in the last month than a recruitment firm did in the last 6 months! Thanks for all your support!!

“Thanks again for helping to find me my position in rural southwest WI. It’s a gem of a clinic, located in a beautiful place, with really caring and wonderful people.”

But mostly thanks for your help with my job search. If anybody deserves kind words, it is you. Looking for my first job could have been horrible. But with your help, it was simple. I did briefly look at other sources to find jobs but quickly realized your information was not only more accurate, but more complete. You found a perfect fit for us.
Please continue the wonderful service you provide to resident physicians. Thanks again.”

. . . The people in small towns in Wisconsin are lucky to have you pulling for them.

I also want to sincerely express my gratitude for your excellent help in locating for me this position, and for arranging for me to meet with representatives of the clinic. The quality of your service is very high, and as a practicing physician in Wisconsin I consider myself lucky to have you handling my recruitment issues so successfully.

We do appreciate all your help. Your information helped us narrow down our choices significantly and focus on the couple of hospitals that fulfilled our wishes. Your service is very valuable and more importantly, not pushy. When our colleagues require job assistance, we will head them in your direction. Thank you.

As a resident physician, when recruiters were hungry to place me indiscriminately anywhere to collect their “finder’s fee”, WORH’s Provider Placement Program investigated both the community and the personalities of the medical practice to place me in the best practice for me in Wisconsin. They were authentic, well-researched and not about money. It was like “knowing someone” who knows the whole state!

The Provider Placement Program increases access to healthcare by effectively helping link physicians with communities. Individualized matching of physicians and communities increases retention, and provides better long-term continuity of care.

WORH has been our primary recruiter. In the last year, they have helped us successfully recruit two family physicians and two dentists. In addition to the providers successfully employed, all of the candidates they sourced have been of the highest quality.
In addition to sourcing candidates, their staff has also proved to be a valuable asset in explaining the benefits associated with various educational loan repayment plans. We look forward to continuing a long and beneficial relationship with the WI Office of Rural Health!

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